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Have you ever wondered, why is your Email marketing not giving you expected results ? If you’re facing this issue,something is seriously wrong and puncturing your pocket.

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Five Major Issues faced by Email Marketers:

Invalid Email Addresses


Scattered Database

Lacking Customer touch points

Poor sender Reputation

From the above mentioned major reasons ,lack of targeted database lies in the root for other parameters.If you campaign on un-filtered database,persons who are not related will mark email as SPAM and as this count increasing,the emailing bots will come to realize the less authority and authenticity of the mail being sent.Which in turn will downgrade the senders reputation and land up further mails in SPAM folder .

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To solve the issues, we need to cure the root of all ill first first -“Bad sender Reputation” . At TheMediaBazaar , we used to strictly adhere to the standards set by the ISP’s and maintaining a clean and current targeted database .To succeed we needn’t to sent mails to lakhs of  un-related people,but sending to targeted will serve the purpose better .

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