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Taxi Advertising- Benefits of transit ads – Themediabazaar

Transit advertisement is basically advertisement that is placed on anything which moves, like Taxi Advertising, subway advertise, truck Ads, and buses, but also includes fixed static and Digital advertising at train and bus stop and platforms.
Taxi advertising is great at reaching targeted customers, business people and tourists.

Benefits of Taxi/Cab Advertising :


1. Your Cab advertisement is effective, every day and every minute it is displayed on the road.
2. Flexibility of Taxi/cab Advertising to expose your brand to peak hour traffic and create general exposure in big crowd density
locations, and use in ad with point of sale promotions, all in one day.
3. Eye catching and Unique presentation ensures higher retention rates.
4. Cab advertisement offers the most cost effective technique of all.
5. 24 Hours visible- Runs all day.
6. Taxi advertising provides adequate space where you can place your brand and marketing message.
7. Cab offers flexibility of ad size and location.
8. Taxi media advertising delivers one of the lowest cost per thousand of all major media advertising.

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