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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
If your products and services are missing from search engines when your target audience search for it,then you are missing a significant number of potential leads who are looking for information regarding your services,product or organization.
Search Engine Optimization plays a very vital role to ensure the success of any organization and the business growth,especially in times when more and more people using internet to .

It has to be done rightly, so that your products and services are visible to millions of customers. Hence, it’s important not to adopt and Black Hat wrong step which will affect your brands presence in the digital space and as a result is positioned deep down in search engine result pages where it can’t be seen by your target group of people.
TheMediaBazaar is a well established advertising and marketing company in India for ethical Search Engine Optimization services. We can help you as Digital Marketing and advertising Services partner to enhance and monetize your online presence for inbound advertising and marketing and ensure smooth business lead generation and development by showcasing your products and services to your target audience in a more advance technological way.
Before starting with the Search Engine Optimization process, we do proper research for your business, understand and target objectives and clearly analyze your customer’s current tastes and preferences including potential competitors. Since search engine optimization is a never ending ongoing process we keep optimizing your website for various search engines(Google,Bing,Yahoo etc) by periodically monitoring and measuring the key performance indicators and optimizing your business accordingly. We help you gain more business leads and success by constantly innovating and implementing new ideas which have capability to boost the online presence of your products and services.

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Steps we execute for search engine optimization process:
• IndepthResearch for SEO

• Indepth brainstorming and understand your business for search queries your potential customers may search.

• Research chosen keywords,phrases and search queries.
• Clearly state objective of your business and presence in online world.
• Record the best keywords based upon search volume and relevancy of keywords as per domain of your business.
• We will let webmaster analytics to access current status of your website for a week to arrive on a baseline to start SEO efforts.
• Evaluate the visual design and navigation format of your website – If the site drives your internet consumers away, no amount of SEO efforts can rank you well in SERP’s as bounce rate will be very high.
• Competitive analysis, create a list of competition and their performance on search engines Optimize
• Depending on the research we will optimize your website as per your business needs and your customer behavior on the web i.e. SERP’s and search volume of the search queries
• Onpage, Offpage and google local search optimization
• Checking compatibility between browsers and website W3C standards

onpage and offpage SEO

Do you wish to have a increased visibility of your website/portal over virtual world? Need to improve incoming traffic on your website to enhance your sales? Need outsourcing for your web based activities? Need someone to blog for your website? Simply want to have a better designed and better functioning website? To successfully do these tasks one requires a well-managed web service provider with a team of highly trained and tech professionals on whom you can count upon for your advertising and marketing of internet based needs.
TheMediaBazaar deals in advertising and marketing activities of all sorts. We provide a wide range of internet based services to large,medium and small scale a companies. We can help you in below:-

Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Local Search
• Social Media Optimization
• Pay Per Click
• Pay For Performance

Interactive Marketing
• Lead Generation Services
• Viral Marketing
• Display Advertising
• Email Marketing
• Online PR

Web design Solutions
• Web Designing
• Web Development
• OSClass based websites Development
• Content Management System (CMS)
• E Commerce
• Premium and free WordPress websites

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