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Mobile van advertising

Starting any business is impossible without proper advertisement. Currently, the biggest secret of
success is advertisement
. The advertisements we see in the televisions or the ones that are visible
on the internet are seen for not some industries but rather for all the industries. Whether it is the
educational industry or the medical industry, advertisements are visible for all of them. They have also entered the competition world like the other industries and thus want to gain a major customer share for their firm. Thus calling advertisement as the basis of business growth would surely not be a wrong thing.

Mobile Advertising
With this growing need for advertisements, there has been a rapid innovation in the advertisement
methods. The traditional methods of advertisement have been replaced long ago by the new
methods such as mobile van advertising
, internet advertising, and lastly mobile advertising. The
reason the last two have become important is quite understandable and thus there should not be
any dispute on this. The younger lot or rather the children of generation x are more familiar with
social networking sites and smartphones rather than televisions thus the best way to reach them is
undoubtedly these places. But why the first method such as mobile van advertising has become
popular is a real big question.

Explanation of this is in the detailed analysis of how advantageous they are for the companies using them.


1. The first advantage of theirs from the firm’s point of view is the cost effectiveness. It is a
known fact that firms are always more into cost saving rather than cost rising. They always want to
implement a scheme that is cost effective and gain maximizing in nature. Mobile van advertising
fulfills this purpose just perfectly. The costs involved in it are the wages of the driver and the petrol
or diesel used to drive it.
Most of the companies buy their trucks or cars that they use for advertisement and thus there is no
cost of renting them also.

2. The second advantage is that they help them reach all the people. No
matter whether people see televisions or use internet, they would always do one thing, and that is
go out of their houses for work and other purposes. Thus, in this way they can get a glimpse of the
product you are selling to them.

3. The third plus point of these is that they are very eye catching and
people might not be able to ignore it. When advertisements flash on the mobile screens or the social
networking sites, one might ignore it as they are busier with chatting rather than paying attention to
these things.

While we are on the road, we hardly have these distractions thus there is a better chance of viewing
the banners and the advertisements rather than ignoring them for the layman.

4. Another very essential plus point of mobile van advertising is that they help cover a very long area rather than a
small section. There have been advertisements earlier in the trucks but what they used to do was
stand in a particular place, and advertisers from it would come down and propagate their product.
In this way, they seemed a time wasting activity for the people they approached and secondly they
were not able to reach everybody. They covered only some people in this scheme of theirs which
lead to ignorance of the rest.

In mobile van advertising, this is not what happens; in this also, they
propagate their products, but there is a huge difference in what happened earlier and what is
happening now. Although it is a very advantageous method of advertisement, it might not be an
effective one if the city has extreme traffic conditions.