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Marketing products using Outdoor medium in India

Though most of the large advertising agencies in India focus of television and print advertising, the effectiveness of Out of home (abbreviated as OOH) advertising remains has been greatly underestimated. This could be due to a number of reasons, mainly the marketing methods used by the companies who are involved in outdoor advertising. There are several reasons why marketing products using the Outdoor medium like billboards in India can be an extremely inexpensive and also effective method of promoting any new product or service in country like India where many people are poor.

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Though television, print and even internet advertising reach a large number of people there are several disadvantages of these advertising methods which most media planners do not take into account. For example a person will view a Television advertisement only if he or she has a television , a cable TV connection (for most channels) and is viewing a particular program. Similarly a magazine or newspaper advertisement will be seen only by the reader of the newspaper or magazine. While some people will read magazines and newspapers in the library or at office, most people will only read the newspapers and magazines which they will subscribe to or purchase from a newstand. Hence the reach of even a very popular TV program or newspaper or magazine will be limited.

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On the other hand, outdoor advertising in the form of billboards and road signs can reach a large number of people as they do not have to spend any money to view the advertisement. Most people will read any well designed and eye catching ad which they see while carrying out their daily activities. While people who are whizzing past a place in a car or vehicle will not have the time to read an outdoor advertisement properly, people who are walking can stop for sometime , read the ad and copy the details if they are likely to be relevant. So placing an outdoor ad at any place where a large number of people are likely to pass by, especially walkers or a traffic signal, can be the most effective local advertising method for a large number of products and services in India.

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