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Advertising or sticking bill on public transport has become the latest means of promoting a product/ brand or offering different kind of service. It has become a trend to communicate to the people through these means. Advertising in the train has become a standard of business to promote the product as thousands of commuters travel by the train to reach their destination. Not only in the trains but there are bills stuck of the walls of the platform, waiting areas, at the entry point or an exit. Millions chose train as their means of transport or loiter at the terminal. Therefore, it is believed to be the successful way of advertising.

There are many people who move in and out of the terminal, to reach large number of crowds companies utilize these means of transport. You will observe many people having a look at the advertising, and some do purchase a product, which is being advertised. As they are, many stations the companies can select any terminal, which would be right for them.

The main factor is the way you present the advertisement and the perfect location where there are many people moving in and out where their attention can be captured. Choosing a deserted terminal will not help you promote the product.

This means of Train advertising is cost efficient. You can have a survey done of the commuters or the public who are reacting to the advertisement. However, before you advertise make sure you the advertisement printed appropriately. It should contain correct and concise information.

It should highlight the features and should be packed with the relevant images. It should appeal to all the travelers and ensure that it stands out from other advertisements. The main idea of this form of advertising is to enhance the mass appeal of the product at all times.