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Small startups grow rapidly

Business startups are the flavour of the season and with millions of Internet users being added every year, these startups can really expand if they use the internet to it’s fullest capacity. Startups are under a huge infrastructure constraint as they invest the bulk of their cash into product development. Without a proper marketing strategy which is new and innovative the Startup is doomed to fail.

In order to successfully market your product online you should never start tweeting or posting
photos on facebook. You have to set up your online marketing strategy and determine the metrics for your business success.

Some Online Marketing Strategies are:

Keywords: Your keywords are extremely important and relevant for your new startup and will drive traffic to your website, search engine presence, etc.

Social Media Strategy: Social media is vital in a successful Startup marketing strategy. Identifying those companies or individuals having a huge presence on social media and using their influence for marketing your product is a great strategy.

Creative Content: 1. Employ a good blogger and content writer who can write creative articles and messages and inundate the internet with interesting marketing content about your start-up company and the products you offer.

2.People nowadays are more drawn towards videos and you tube. So create an interesting video of your product and post it online, the internet is full of marketing ideas

3. As a marketing strategy eBooks can be created and exchanged with readers email ids or contact information. The eBook should not be a sales pitch but it should have interesting and fresh content.

So as this is the era of online marketing, getting involved in online communities and hear what the consumers have to say and participate in that conversation. Smart phones and social media have brought Start-up Companies and Customers face to face, so marketing with proper strategy and staying engaged with the customers is the winning strategy for your start-up company.