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Advertising can be a very hard and expensive activity for businessmen. Large scale advertising does not always guarantee success in businesses. When someone sees an advertisement and buys the product, the advertising campaign is said to be successful. Advertising becomes highly effective when promotional items like T-shirts, hats, bags, buttons and a host of other products are used. This mode of advertising will help the entrepreneurs to save some money and gain new customers.

Most businesses give away not-so-useful things as promotional items. Key chains, pens, clocks, paper weights and photo frames are good promotional items, but they are not effective marketing tools. The primary purpose of advertising is getting clients’ attention. Promotional items should be new or unique so that they get people talking. People will then discuss the business which gives away various unique items for the promotional purpose. These items need not cost a lot. There could be attractive things available for a small amount. The best way to do this is to choose items which do not bore people. They can be mint tins, mouse pads, sandals, tote bags, sunglasses, guitar picks, visors, trucker hats, glass mugs, buttons, pins, T-shirts, hats, decals etc.

T-shirts are very powerful promotional items since they are seen and worn by all. If someone wears a company T-shirt and goes around, many people will notice it. They will come to know about the company. This is, in fact, very effective marketing. Something nice goes a long way. Things do not have to be highly expensive to be remembered by people for a long time. If you give someone something they like, they will always use it. Similarly, the promotional items speak a lot about the company which is giving them away. Cheap, but good quality things can be kept as good mementoes too.

The most important thing in promotional items is that how they get to a customer’s hands. A good way of distribution of promotional items must be thought out by entrepreneurs. Packaging will be the first thing which customers notice. Therefore, it is important to be keen on such minute details while distributing promotional items. Color combination and the kind of box in which the items are kept will be the attractive features. Writing a personal note on the box and signing it will lead to quick distribution of all the items. Hence, an entrepreneur needs to have a good taste of things to be able to give away a large number of promotional items as part of advertising campaign.

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