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From the times Indian Auto sector is on boom,more and more customers have started using their cars.However there is a significant population resides in Indian cities who use taxis/cabs on rent.There are more than 30 Lakh licensed cars,taxis,office cabs and buses operational in the major Indian cities for plying corporate professionals. 70% of the total cab/taxi count are in 4 metro cities alone.Outdoor Advertising on Mobile taxis works provides an option for advertisers a unique way for product/service advertising,while most of the working class people with purchasing power are on roads,mostly in office hours.

Advertising through a taxi can be either inside the cab/taxi as flyers,pamphlets and LED screens advertising platform OR exterior of taxi/cab advertising can promote brands with additionally clear visibility anywhere. City Cabs/Taxis are mostly used by city high travellers and corporates, shoppers with moolah to spend and tourists and visitors checking for new place experiences and adventures. By opting for advertising on a city taxi, marketing and advertisement can impact the purchasing habits of a potential customers.

Cabs/Taxi Advertisement

  1. Ola Cabs – Fleet of 10K Cabs
  2. Meru Cabs – Fleet of 5K Cars
  3. City Taxi – Rapid booking of 3000 cab advertisement
  4. Taxi4Sure – 24000 taxi fleet available in Indian Metro cities
  5. Cab and City Taxi Advertising India

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